HCDC Business Center Tenants

HCDC Business Center Entrepreneurial AssistanceThe HCDC Business Center’s environment is conducive for entrepreneurs who are looking to create, develop and grow their business. As a mixed-use incubation program, the Business Center has successfully integrated both traditional and technology-oriented businesses into creating an idea-sharing, thought-provoking environment. The Business Center’s current roster of clients covers a wide range of technologies, products and services.

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Updated: January 2017

4th Floor Creative 4th Floor Creative serves as a one-stop shop for production and creative. Making big game ideas become reality with atmosphere-changing content, award-winning creative and revenue-creating solutions. 
Acta Research LLC
Acta Research LLC is a clinical research organization that specializes in clinical trials management, training, subject recruitment and development of ethno-bridging in clinical trials in Asia.
Applied Decision Science, LLC
Provides research and development services for entities and individuals in high-stakes, high stress, and/or time pressured settings.
Ausio Pharmaceuticals, LLC 
An early-stage, start-up company focused on the clinical development of S-Equol for major medical needs.
Auto Rental Systems LLC ARS provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for auto dealers to manage their loaner car fleets and vehicle recalls.
BookWerks Bookkeeping/accounting services
CL Solutions


Exclusive distributor of patented microorganisms that have been used throughout North America, and are field-proven to successfully close sites in a shorter period of time than other remediation technologies currently available
Coor Fab Services LLC. Providing construction coordination services to building contractors using Autodesk software.
CRäKN, LLC Software as a service (SAAS) services featuring software for customer relationship management and business efficiency services within the funeral industry. 
Data Inventions Data Inventions was founded in 2014 based on observations from a simple plant visit. Embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), we identified a disruptive approach to revolutionizing how manufacturers leverage data to make real-time operational improvements.
Eccrine Systems, Inc. Developing non-invasive, disposable, electronic patches that measure and transmit real-time data about human sweat.
Epstein Educational Enterprises
Markets and sells a unique multiple-choice testing/assessment system known as the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique.
Eurica Group LLC Provides research and development services in the custom formulation of water-based additives, coatings and wax emulsions employed in such market applications as paints, inks, polishes and beyond.
 Exotic Alloys A wholesale distribution and value adding company specializing in powder and metal alloys.
 Florida Cirtech Florida CirTech has developed a wide range of products used in plating various metals in the metal finishing industry. These chemical processes are used prior to plating Copper, Nickel and Chrome.
Fureverhome Providing Social Media for animal shelters.
GeckoTek LLC Creates technology that enables and empowers 3D printer owners and manufacturers via its Printer Build Plates in the low-cost desktop fused filament (FFF) 3D printer’s space.
General Nano LLC Advances the synthesis and commercial application of carbon nanotubes
Global to Local Language Solutions, LLC Provider of high-quality technical translation/localization and an array of other language services designed to help your company communicate with the world.
Green Forward Technologies Solving one of the most common forms of pollution, the backyard septic system.
Ignite Philanthropy Advisors Provides strategic grantmaking, planning, and administrative services for family foundations, individuals, and non-profit organizations
Ilium Technology Combines electronics, the physical sciences, and other disciplines to design class-leading instrumentation for a wide variety of applications
Kandid.ly Kandid.ly empowers local photographers to connect with you for those little moments that matter a lot.
LCP Tech Creates and commercializes various applications of unique liquid crystal polymers for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications.
Lookout Advisors
A management and technology consulting firm specializing in several key domain areas to accelerate revenue growth, improve the bottom line and significantly enhance the strategic capabilities and customer relationships of client organizations.
MedaCheck  The company was founded on a united goal to provide assistance with medication adherence.
Milmark Solutions We follow the Golden Rule of Digital Marketing: engage unto others as you would have them engage unto you. We work with those that don’t quite have the voice yet to be competitive but want to be. We use digital mediums to make your brand irresistible, tantalizing, delicious.
MobileTEK Consulting MobileTEK Consulting is a full-service reseller of rugged laptops and tablets serving the Midwest since 2002.
NewGen Biomedia Most operating wastewater treatment plants are currently faced with treating increased amounts of wastewater, lack of space to expand the plant, and limited financial resources. Use of biomedia enables the treatment plant to expand its capacity without any major investment in equipment.
Purposeful Networks In an effort to discover a productive intersection between the increasing demand for connectivity (mobile and social) and everyday sustainable actions, we created digital platforms and programs to support significant positive impact around the world.
PlusBlue Solutions Provides rentable batteries to charge your customer’s favorite electronic devices at a variety of venues and events.
PRD Tech At PRD Tech, we are committed to be the technology leaders in promoting a cleaner environment, by providing innovative solutions to the industries that are meaningful, cheaper, smarter, cost-effective, and technologically feasible. Our main goal is to enable the ease of implementation of environmental control technologies, that will also allow the industries maintain their profitable operations.
Precision Pro Golf Precision Pro Golf was founded with the goal of making golf more enjoyable by providing high-performance distance measuring devices at affordable prices. Our laser rangefinders utilize the latest technology to ensure high-speed readings that are accurate within 1 yard. 
Private Health News Creating a Strategically Competitive Advantage for our Clients in their Marketplace
Process Pigging Systems, LLC. Pipeline product recovery systems using projectiles.  Our systems save water and changeover times, reducing chemicals and waste for Manufactures
Ready Set Surgical ReadySet is a surgical coordination platform for loaners & consignments that consolidate logistics & communication through one dashboard for all team members.
ReddyCare LLC A medical product design and marketing firm that specializes in developing products that contribute to the advancement of health care through innovative product development.
Resolution Air, LTD Designs and manufactures proportional pneumatic valves.
Risk Aware, LLC. Provides risk mitigation services to protect college and university environments from the fallout caused by inappropriate behavior of individuals associated with these academic institutions.
Senior Care Concierge Senior Concierge Service provides the non-medical care and support you would provide if your schedule or location permitted. We work with you and your senior to create the services you want and need.We provide true concierge experiences to our senior clients; we relieve their family of day-to-day, non-medical activities that complicate already busy schedules. Whether we are going to the grocery, the pharmacy or the library, performing light house-keeping, providing companionship or assistance with meals, confirming appointments or recreation, we do it in a manner that’s fun, safe and promotes independence and dignity.
Sense Diagnostics Commercializing a device named SENSE, a noninvasive radiofrequency (RF) sensor that detects changes in the brain including seizures, hemorrhages and increased swelling/edema.
SRO Prints Socially responsible branding
SureFire Innovations Our proven success includes extensive client projects in the areas of Cyber Security and Information Technology. The core industry focus has helped us build a large talent pool of experienced professionals who have worked with small businesses, large corporations, Government agencies, and more.
TF Logic TF Logic’s AlwaysEducation is a software solution that creates a complete “learning ecosystem” to maximize engagement and collabortion for any learning environment. This powerful integrated technology streamlines access to information for students, instructors, alumnus, administrators, donors, and parents to build intellectual, professional, and social capital.It connects stakeholders and resources using social technologies within the context of work, resulting in real-time/right-time engagement and collaboration.
Transmissions, LLC At Transmissions, LLC, we love to solve problems by creating elegant solutions based on software, design, and web-based technologies. Unlike many consultants who traditionally have a background in either design or technology, we marry a deep understanding of software, and a focus on the human and design aspects of information systems. The result is a superior user interface, simplicity, and functionality.
UltraFlo Systems, LLC Provides a proprietary LEED focused central plumbing system for residential and commercial locations
Unveil, LLC