Delhi Township Focuses On Building Delhi Pike ‘Downtown’

13 Jul

Delhi Township’s Board of Trustees and local Business Association set out in April 2015 on a comprehensive strategic planning approach to redeveloping Delhi Pike into a “downtown” area. The groups hired Boston’s Stantec Urban Places Group and Zimmerman Volk Associations out of Annapolis, MD, to consult on exactly how to “Plan the Pike.”

The general consensus was that whatever plan emerged would be a long-term plan and would be solidly based on current market conditions, realistic assessments of demand, the tracking of demographic shifts, and the seizing of opportunities. The end goal was to redevelop Delhi Pike into an area with an array of choices for living, shopping, dining, and entertainment, as well as provide employment opportunities, connectivity, and be pedestrian-friendly.

With the redevelopment of Cincinnati’s OTR neighborhood since then, and its success with the young professional crowd,  Delhi (being only 6 miles from downtown Cincinnati)  has renewed its strategy to promote the area as an “affordable OTR,” with everything a young resident would need but at a more affordable price. This includes graduates of the resident Mount Saint Joseph University.

“According to figures Stantec has researched, there’s an estimated $100 million in development potential along the pike over the course of the next 10 years, which includes residential, retail and office,” says Steve Kearney, Stantac project manager.

Delhi Pike currently includes several small-to-medium-sized strip retail sites, a variety of fast food chains, and long-term building vacancies. The focus and redevelopment of the Delhi Pike area is being guided by an oversite committee that estimates a likely 10 years to realize the area’s full potential.